Church Arise! is ‘simply stunning’ – review

Church Arise Album Cover

From Geoff at Never for Nothing…

This is Kat’s latest album release, and what a corker it is, too! I’ve been fortunate enough to follow her musical career over the last 5 years or so, and she has constantly released high quality pop songs. Beginning with the joyous “True Majestic King,” Kat has been truly blessed with the gift of writing easy to follow lyrics, weaved together into engaging tunes. “Out of the Ashes” motors along as Kat sings; Out of the Ashes you bring me life; You rescue me through Your sacrifice; And I worship you. Her vocals have always been good, but this time there is something extra in her voice. Slowing the pace down, Kat is joined by Ellie Button on the sweet “The God Who Can’t Be Shaken.” Listening to these songs, I got a real sense of encouragement from them. We all have our doubts, fears, and worries, and this collection carries God’s word to provide comfort and hope during all these times. “I’m Grateful” reminds us to be “grateful for each breath” as well as the beauty and creation of the world. Released as a single in 2020, “The Everlasting God” scored a 10/10 NFN score. Reviewer, Dave Deeks, said; “From first play, I simply wanted to play it again.” After listening myself, I know exactly what he meant. “Let our lives reveal Your love” is the thrust of “God of Abundance.” I love the way this song builds. A foot tapping verse, is followed by an equally paced bridge. Then, the chorus shoots in with such great joy. (I think I like it more than when I first heard it!) Closing the album is the title track, co-written with Rob Westall. It’s one of the slower songs on view that calls on the church to arise and “see through the eyes of Jesus,” and love like He loves us. “Send us out in the power of the Spirit.” In my humble opinion, this is the best album that Kat has produced, so far. The writing, the music, the production, (not forgetting her accompanying book of the same title) is simply stunning.  10/10.

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