God in the small and everyday

I don’t know about you but something that I have seen again and again is how people make the assumption that God is only interested in doing the big things, amazing miracles, focusing on the big news stories and the most ‘important’ things.  Time after time I have talked to people who have shared their daily struggles, or health issues with me, and when I suggest that we pray they look rather bewildered.  It is usually along the lines of “Oh, you don’t need to waste prayers on me, God has far more important things to do than to worry about little old me!”

This type of response presents a completely skewered version of who I believe God is. I believe this is a fundamental misconception and one that robs us of the fullness of life God talks about (see John 10:10).  I don’t believe that He wants you to wait until things are dire to start asking for help, like your only appear on some emergency prayer switchboard when your life is falling apart.  No! That is not at all. I believe in a God who created us to be in relationship.  He created us with free will, because he wants us to make that choice, he wants us to ask him for help, for us to rely on him, and to find our strength from him (Nehemiah 8:10).

I believe He wants us to pray constantly and to be in conversation with Him, (1 Thessalonians 5:16) asking Him for provision and walking in faith.  I am learning what this looks like in the small and everyday circumstances.  This year when we went on holiday to Croatia, we were warned that there were lots of midges and people were getting badly bitten.  I usually get really bad allergic reactions to bites so I was a bit nervous.  I felt God prompt me to trust Him for protection, so prayed for protection over me and my family.  Whereas usually I come back with about 20 bites (no kidding) and half of them turning nasty, this year between the three of us we had 3 small bites, and no allergic reactions.  I am so grateful that God is interested in the seemingly small things

The other day I was at a train station, I had just missed the train which meant it would be a twenty five minute wait for the next one.  Not that bad, but seeing as I was meeting a friend I hadn’t seen for 3 years and only had a small window of opportunity for the meeting, I was gutted.  I prayed we would get there in good time.  And quite literally out of nowhere a train turned up 15 minutes before the normal one would. I texted my friend, saying ignore my previous text about being late, God has sent me a spare train!

I am getting into the habit of praying when I lose my phone (constantly!), when I need to catch a train, when we are looking for a car parking space, and for God to give me strength in the mornings especially after a bad night with my toddler.  I pray that God would give me strength to sing when I am tired and have a sore throat.  I am learning to look to Him for my every need.  Now don’t get me wrong these aren’t massively long prayers, simply asking God to intervene in the mundane.

When we pray I believe we are admitting that we can’t do it on our own, or in our own strength, we are acknowledging that we need God to intervene and we invite Him to work in our situation.  I believe that God waits for this invitation, not because he doesn’t want to help before, but He wants to be invited.

Now this isn’t about having an endless shopping list that we just go “Hey, God! I want a designer pair of jeans, a big house and lots of money!” This is us relying on Him in the everyday, choosing to invite him into our situations, praying for the will of God in our lives.  The more I rely on God, the more I pray, the more I see Him work in the little details, and bless me so much.  This gives me an incredible joy which helps me through the tough times.

I have found when I get into the habit of praying and relying on God it makes a huge difference in my life.  I believe God is a loving God – our Heavenly Father who loves lavishing gifts upon. We have to ask, we have to take that step of faith and want to ask and trust Him. I can honestly say this is a habit totally worth getting into and I pray that you would know God’s love and provision in every situation no matter how small you think it is.  That you would know you are truly precious and loved.

God bless,


2 thoughts on “God in the small and everyday

  1. Steve Whitehouse

    Hi Kat, I’ve not been well for a number of weeks and as I lay awake at 2.46 this morning I started to read this post. God has done so much for Fiona, the girls and myself over the last 12 months, but I have been robbed of the joy of that by fear for my health and daily worry. It was good to be reminded that He is interested in the small details of my life and the proof of that I can testify to in the way He sorted out every detail of our move north this year. And, yet even with all that evidence I still allowed fear and lack of trust to suggest to me that God, did not care about how I was feeling and had better things to do than to heal me.

    I’m not out of the woods yet in terms of healing, and the fact that I can’t sleep and am laying awake writing this suggests I’m still battling with my peace of mind! However, I just wanted to declare that I’m choosing to put my hope in Him and I’m looking forward to a breakthrough.

    Thank you for reminding me of His grace and care.



  2. Jill Goodman

    Amen to that Steve. Am feeling rough too and letting ill health rob me of my joy and making me forget all the good God has done in our lives. Praying that you feel better soon.



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