6 days to go

6 days and counting!  If you haven’t had a chance yet please do check out the two taster tracks – Just as you are and Out of the Ashes. If you want to pre-order the album, please check out my online store. It will also be available at my two upcoming events and also at Worcester Park Baptist Church.  The digital download release will be June 5th.

So my nerves are kicking in!  This last period has been a bit odd – the waiting time between finishing the album and the release. I found it was easy in this time to start doubting and worrying that maybe it wasn’t good enough, or I had got it wrong. As I started giving in to my doubts, I felt convicted as I did a Bible study by Joyce Meyer.  This quote stopped me in my tracks: “Doubt is afraid nothing good will happen; it does not please God and is not something He is able to bless.  We are powerless when we live with doubt disappointment, and a lack of confidence in God.”

Reading this gave me an instant wake-up call. I feel God has called me to make this album and He led me to a fantastic studio with amazing sound engineers who have captured the heart of the music.  It was much more than we could financially afford, but God provided every penny we needed.  I had a chest infection when it came to record the vocals, yet God gave me the strength and clarity of voice to sing.  He has been leading us in every step of this project so on that basis, I need not fear about this next stage.  I can honestly say I have no idea where he is leading with this.  I am simply stepping out in faith saying, “God, please use this album to bless and encourage many and lead us where you want me to go.”  I am now excited and do not need to fear or be afraid as I believe God has good and amazing plans.

So the next song I want to share about is called ‘Rock and salvation’.  I love reading the Psalms as I find them so real and heartfelt. The struggles are so honest and easy to relate to.  I find them helpful in my own reflections, especially not being afraid to question what is happening, to cry out to God when in need and desperate, and to praise and bless His name on all occasions.  One of my favourite passages is Psalm 62 where the Psalmist calls God his “Rock and salvation”.  It talks about hoping and trusting in God alone and not in worldly riches.  It gives me hope that no matter what goes on around me in the world, no matter how bleak or hopeless it feels that I need to trust in Him, and find my strength in Him alone.  The chorus of the song reflects some of the words in this psalm.  I wrote this song as a song of love, praise, adoration and proclamation.  It talks about wanting to soak in God’s presence – to know more of him.  I am blessed to be friends with a fantastic saxophonist who has recorded a beautiful sax part for this song.

I lead worship at my church – and it can be really hard sometimes as people come in on a Sunday after having very different weeks.  Some come in happy and lively, some weary, some in physical pain, some grief stricken.  How hard is it to want to worship when you are struggling and finding it hard to cope.  I wanted to write a song that encouraged people that no matter what we are going through no matter where we are in life – worship is a choice.  Choose to worship reminds us to take our eyes off our situation and put our focus firmly on God – to say no matter what happens “I will praise you”.  The verses talk about making that choice.  The bridge looks at finding a freedom in God’s love and the chorus focuses on who God is and then praising Him.  I believe that when we focus on God and not on our own situation we find the strength, peace and joy to carry on.  I know that I have found this in my own life, through illness, loss and hurt. When I have put my focus back on God I have felt renewed, strengthened and felt a Joy in my heart which I know is from God alone.  I pray this week that God would strengthen you and give you a hope.

God bless,