A journey of faith

Hello! Firstly a massive ‘Thank you’ to Jonathan Bellamy and Cross Rhythms for interviewing me and playing two of my tracks from the album. It was so bizarre hearing myself talk on radio – I turned to Ali and said ‘ok so that’s what I sound like…weird!’  If you didn’t catch it and would like to hear it please check out the podcast. I want to encourage you if you feel what I am talking about will encourage anyone you know – especially someone who is walking through a long term illness I ask that you can send them the link so that it may encourage them.  For those of you waiting to get the digital download the wait is over…here are the links: iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

So I have found it very appropriate that for the last few months at church we have been studying Abraham at church.  Why? Because I find it very helpful that a man in the Bible who was heralded for his amazing faith struggled so much! He was incredibly human and kept letting doubt creep in. I find this very apt as for the whole album journey I feel God has lead and guided me and given me amazing promises. A recurring theme has been the sense that God will fulfil this through his strength and will alone and not by anything I do.  The reality of Abraham’s situation was the improbability of Sarah being able to have a baby and later in the story she takes matters into her own hands and tries to fulfil God’s promises on her own.

It has been so helpful studying this journey. It’s so easy is it to be encouraged by an amazing word from God, a promise or an affirmation, but to start doubting this when it doesn’t happen in our timing.  We want to claim the promise immediately, but we have to come to the realisation that God’s timing is utterly perfect . When we can’t see or feel like it’s happening soon enough we start to doubt , fearing that maybe we heard wrong,  and then starting doubting God’s almighty plans. Then we think of going solo and that He maybe needs a nudge in the right direction. In the Bible, every time that Abraham and Sarah doubt God and try to do it alone something goes wrong, yet God remains faithful to them and his promises.

I have found this whole journey hugely testing for me as I have stepped completely into the unknown, in faith.  I feel God has called me to do this and for a reason. I have recorded the album now it’s over to God. I ask Him to lead me on daily. I literally have no idea where God is leading us with this, nothing is booked until September and it can be easy to start doubting  or thinking did I get it wrong , did I hear God incorrectly. I often think “Maybe I should be doing something more to get things going”.

Yet I keep feel like God is gently telling me to trust Him and stand firm on the promises that He gave me and to trust. To trust knowing that God will fulfil these promises in a way that everyone would know that it was through Him alone.

I really want to encourage you wherever you are in your journey in life to know that God is faithful. Maybe like me you are in a waiting period and feel like you’ll never get to the next stage. Maybe you feel frustrated as you have some much more to give.  I want to encourage you to keep going, trusting and believing and know that you are not alone in this. Remember those people in the Bible like Abraham, Moses and Joseph, all who had incredible promises from God, but had to journey through a long time of waiting and growing before these things came into fruition.

I hope to learn to enjoy the journey more, to learn from the past, find joy in the present and be excited by the hope of what God has for tomorrow. I pray you do too.

May God bless you greatly.

Love and prayers,