And the journey begins

So I am delighted to say I have started the journey of recording my second album ‘Voice of truth’.   A few weeks ago I spent the day at Crown Lane Studios with John Merriman and Bill Sherrington for day one of this new adventure.  It is hard to believe that just over a year ago I was starting my debut album – what a difference a year makes.  It was all new to me and I didn’t know exactly how to do it or where to start. All I did know was that I had songs that would encourage and bless people and point them to God. I needed to get over my fear of the unknown and step out in faith.  The whole of the last year has been an amazing journey of faith and growth, and I have learnt so much on the way.  I am excited to see this new project take shape.

This year it’s different – I have more of an idea of certain things that I need to do and how to do them.  I am blessed to have a great group of people around me who are helping, encouraging and using their gifts to bless me and this album. Whereas the last album was a mix of worship songs and contemporary Christian songs this one is solely Christian contemporary music. I find writing songs and singing comes naturally to me, and I love it! When it comes to production and knowing how to take songs from just my first cut on the piano to that next step further, I need help and other peoples’ expertise.  I am learning to be open to suggestions and to try different things but I find this hard to do. Writing songs for me is such a personal thing as my materials come out of my life experiences, including from vulnerable and difficult situations.

Yet the other day it worked really well.  I felt safe sharing the songs with John and Bill, knowing that they would always keep the integrity and heart of my songs, but also being willing to listen to their expertise and wisdom of how to go forward.  I am really grateful for this process as by trying different styles, instruments and arrangements, we have found different ways to develop the songs and I look forward to seeing these progress.  The first day was all about going through all 11 songs, and working out where we wanted to take them, and now we are moving onto the next stage of breaking each song down and laying down the individual instrumental parts.  I will admit this brings the impatient side out of me as I can’t wait to hear how it will all sound.

The title of the album ‘Voice of truth’ is the theme that runs through all of the songs, about hearing God’s voice of love, truth, joy and peace in a world that is saturated by lies.  You just have to walk past a rack of magazines, turn on the TV, or look at the Internet to be told you don’t look right, that your only pretty if you look a certain way, that you are only worth something if you make loads of money, that you will only have approval if you have fame.  But if you look at what the Bible says, it looks at how wonderfully and fearfully we have been made and that we are precious in the eyes of the Father and that we have a hope and a future – a salvation.  As I have been writing and proclaiming this truth, listening to God’s voice of truth has been central and I truly pray these songs encourage, bless and reach people where they are on their journey.

I will be sharing each step of the process, and in a little while will start sharing the stories behind each song.

Have a brilliant week!

God bless