Are we nearly there yet?

So after months of hard work planning and recording, we finally have a release date for “Out of the Ashes”. We will be releasing on Friday 15th May. We will be having a launch party at Tazza Coffee shop in Sutton at 7.30pm. Check out my events page for more information.

It is really exciting that we are so close to finishing this project, but it is also rather scary. Something I have been very aware of this week is that everyone has very different opinions. I found this when asking for feedback on photos for the album cover. From the photos I had taken for the album cover I had comments that I looked grumpy, was advertising hair products or had a headache!

It was really important to choose a shot that captured the album title. The album “Out of the Ashes” is all about the promise that God brings us out of the darkness and depths into his light and joy. We have been very blessed to be led to a great designer, Rachael Cox. Whilst I was feeling discouraged that we didn’t have anything quite right she sent me an edited version of one of the pictures. I hadn’t even second-glanced at the shot, but she had seen the potential and it fitted with exactly what I wanted to say.

This reminded me of how hard it can be putting yourself in the public eye. When I write a song it is because I have been affected by something, want to say something, or share how I feel about something. It’s very personal, so to put it “out there”, somewhere where it can be criticised or knocked down, can be scary. I have got to the point that I know I can’t live in fear and that I can’t hide or not use the gifts God has given me because I’m afraid someone won’t like it. Different people have different tastes and that is okay! Not everyone will necessarily like what I write or get it, but I am learning (slowly) that I don’t need to live to please people but to please God. Every day I want to live a life that honours and pleases God. He has made me the way I am and I want to use every gift he has given me in a way that blesses his name. I don’t always get it right, but I pray that every day that I would seek his affirmation and not worldly praise.

I pray that these songs bless and encourage people, because I write them out of a heart that wants to encourage others and point people to know more of God.

I encourage you this week not to live in fear of what other people think or say of you. I pray that you may find your affirmation and joy in God alone.

God bless,