An idea of what Kat offers for bookings:

1. An evening with Kat Mills – ideal for outreach events

Kat performs a mix of jazz, pop, musical theatre and some of her own original Christian songs. She shares the heart behind her songs – and shares some of her faith in a relaxed enjoyable environment. This event is set out like a café – people able to enjoy refreshments whilst enjoying an evening of music.

“Kat is an immensely talented artist whose bubbly personality really shines through! She engaged the audience brilliantly and people were moved to both tears and laughter. A great mixture of christian and secular songs for an energetic and memorable evening. We’ve already booked her (& Ali as they are such a communal double act!) for our next event!”  Rev Sandra Prudom, Christchurch Baptist Church.

‘’We had a fabulous evening when Kat entertained us after dinner with some well-known jazz & soul alongside singing her own songs and sharing her story. The evening was very relaxing but also contained an element of inspiration and challenge as she shared something of her life with us. She was particularly good at connecting with other women and parents through her story, but the music appealed to all. Thanks Kat!’’ Rev Alison Boulton, Southern Counties Baptist Association.

2. An evening of worship and ministry

Kat has a real heart for encouraging worship and ministry. In this event, Kat would lead a time of worship, and share some of her own songs and the testimonies behind them. Themes include loss, grace, illness and restoration. She would then encourage a time of ministry and invite the church to have their prayer team available for those wanting prayer.

” We invited Kat and Ali to help lead our monthly “Prayer and Praise evening. We were looking at the gifts of the Holy Spirit and this particular evening was focused on healing. Having them come enabled me to release our normal worship leaders to participate in the evening without the responsibility of leading as well. Kat and Ali led us in a quite Spirit inspired way and after I spoke Kat was instrumental in praying for a number present who were also anointed with oil. We saw healings and other touches from the Lord and I am still hearing testimony from that evening. There is no doubt in my mind that their openness to God’s leading was key to the blessings we received.” Pastor Anthony Smith, Holmer Green Baptist Church

3. Worship training

Kat and Ali can come and help encourage and work with the worship team, sharing their heart for worship, helping in both practical skills and going deeper in worship.

” Kat and Ali came to our church to share a day exploring worship specifically in our local context. The day was well prepared, informative and enjoyed by all. Everyone had the opportunity to participate equally whether they were worship leaders, musicians or singers. The first Sunday afterwards I had comments about how we had taken a step change forward and that has continued. The foundations had been set and we are now building on that weekly. I cannot thank Kat and Ali enough for their prayerful input and the impact it has had on us. Praise God.!” Pastor Anthony Smith, Holmer Green Baptist Church.

4. Songwriting workshops

Kat is passionate about helping people get into songwriting, encouraging, and challenging people in their writing.

“Kat kindly led a song writing workshop for a group of 15-18 year olds during our beach mission.  It was amazing to see all the youth and leaders, whether they were musical or not, really getting into the session.  By the end of the short session, the youth had all had the chance to revise the words to a worship song that Kat had written purposely badly.  Kat was able to then turn their words into a tune, and with that they had their first verse!  It was so encouraging to see the youth then go away from the session excited and wanting to finish their worship song.  Within a few days they had completed it and were ready to perform at a packed out church service over looking the beach.  It was beautiful! There were many tears of joy and pride from parents and beach mission team alike that morning!  Kat has such a warm and nurturing nature that she makes everyone feel comfortable to take risks, whether sharing a song they’ve been working on or trying out harmonies for the first time.  She is both honest and encouraging which is just what any aspiring musicians needs! Rachael Smith, PFM team leader.

5. Choir workshops

Kat and Ali have just spent the last 5 terms working with Inspire community choir and are passionate about encouraging people’s love of singing.  From growing in confidence to developing ability in singing and performing well known and fun pieces of music. They would be able to come and run some workshops catered specifically to the church/organisation.

“Kat has been inspirational in her leading ‘Inspire’.  We are a community choir which encourages new members, but most of us have been together for some time.  Under Kat’s direction we have grown in confidence and ability both as a group and individually.  The choir has been stretched musically and for myself Kat has encouraged not only myself but a number of other people to aim for small and then larger solo spots.  We also are encouraged to perform at a concert each term and with her husband Ali’s expertise on the piano and their young accompanists we have grown in stature as well as emotionally together.” Jill, Inspire choir moments

It’s so uplifting to sing when there are extremely talented and skilled people guiding you.  Ali is incredible on the piano and can improvise change and adapt depending on what the choir needs.  Kat really supports us and gets the best out of us.  I love how happy and bubbly Kat is as she really gets into singing along with us.  On the parts which are different from the tune Kat is there guiding and conducting us. I love how there is such a wonderful sense of humour there so if I get something wrong I’m never judged harshly I’m just smiled at.  I’m in good hands with Kat and Ali.  It’s a real joy and privilege to come along on Thursdays because I honestly feel cleansed and de-stressed.  Since going to Inspire I have been much more of a positive person and honestly and truly inspired throughout the week.” Chris, Inspire choir member

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