Encouragement and mentorship

Firstly I would like to say a massive thank you to all the amazing people who helped make ‘An evening with Kat Mills’ go so well last Saturday. I was overwhelmed by people’s generosity and support and encouraged by people’s reactions to the songs from the album. I was also so very grateful to God for giving me the strength to sing. I had been ill all week on antibiotics and hadn’t been able to sing before the evening as it was too painful, so I was truly blessed that I was able to perform all of the songs and enjoy the evening purely through Christ who strengthened me. We ran the event to publicise the recording project, and my heart behind it and also to raise funds to go towards the recording. It has been an expensive process but I have felt God challenging us to trust him every step of the way and I have been humbled and amazed to see ways of this provision.


So over the last few weeks I have been blessed to be joined in the studio by four lovely ladies all with beautiful and very different voices.
susie rowena

Kerry Mills, Susie Mills, Hayley Tearall and Rowena Mills all did a great job at laying down some bvs for the album.
It was brilliant seeing them in action and having them as part of this project. Something that God has really put on my heart over the last few years is to encourage people, especially other singers and musicians, in developing and using their gifts.

Now there has been a journey to get to this stage. Let’s face it, it can be very natural when we encounter people who are talented (especially more talented than us) to feel threatened and feel the need to prove ourselves. I remember feeling jealous that other girls had been chosen to sing in the worship band over me, and that other people seemed so ahead of me in their song writing and performing abilities. I felt insecure in my own gifting.

I remember being at church as a twelve year old and singing my heart out (really loudly) I knew I could sing but I didn’t know how to control it – I wanted everyone to know I could sing. I remember the two boys next to me putting their hands over their ears and telling me I was too loud and to be quiet! I remember as I got older and asked to sing in the worship band I was told I wasn’t allowed to because I would get a big head. I don’t know exactly why this person wouldn’t allow me to be involved and why they didn’t help mentor me and develop my ability in a way of humility and service rather than to crush me.

However I remember in all things God can work in them for good, and two major things for stood out from my experiences. One was learning to serve humbly – I really wanted to sing but I wasn’t allowed to, so I sat and played my cello instead and worshipped with all my heart through that. The other was the need to encourage others – to see other people’s gifting, then nurture and encourage them rather than crushing them because of my insecurity.

To get to this point I had to get to a place where I accepted who I was in God and have a quiet confidence in the abilities that God had given me and form a desire to use them for his glory. I felt so much freedom once I came to accept this as for so long I had been desperately trying to prove myself and my worth. When I accepted that He loved me just as much when I did nothing as when I did something, it reminded me that I am saved by His grace alone and not what I do.

It was when I reached this place that I was able to delight in people who were very talented and in many cases much more than me. I saw them as precious brothers and sisters in Christ who God had blessed with this ability. It was through this I saw the importance of a mentoring and encouraging role to help people gain that quiet confidence in who they are Christ and subsequently develop their gifting in a way that honours God.

I want to encourage you to ask God for that quiet confidence in Him. Psalm 139 says ‘For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful.’ Just reflect on that! God made you and created you with purpose. I truly believe God gives each of us specific giftings and a totally unique plan for us to fulfill. So don’t feel threatened by others abilities. I encourage you instead to try and see them through Jesus’s eyes and to delight in their ability and find ways to encourage and bless these people. Have a mentoring and encouraging heart so that you can be blessing and encouraging the next generation in serving God.

Have a fantastic week and may God bless you greatly.