Encouragement to encourage

So, ‘Out of the Ashes’ is out! Thank you to all the lovely people who came to the album release event at TazZa in Sutton on Friday night – it was a really enjoyable evening, although slightly surreal being asked to sign CDs!  I am have been overwhelmed by the feedback and people’s positive comments on the album.  Thank you so much to everyone who has ordered an album.  Some people have been asking how they can get an album – you can either check out my shop on my website or my next event is on Sat 23rd May at Purley Baptist Church and albums will be available there.  We have now uploaded tasters for all of the tracks – do have a listen!

I want to say a big thank you to Cross Rhythms Radio Station who created an artist profile for me and mentioned my album release on their website. They will be doing a review of the album and a radio interview with me! (I’ll let you know when these are going live).   For those of you who have not heard of Cross Rhythms, they are Christian radio station who are fantastic at encouraging new artists.  They have some great stuff on their website – artist reviews, resources, and great music.

So something that has been on my mind recently is that it can be so easy to focus on negative comments, discouragements and lies.  Yet when we focus on these things we lose our joy, and peace and hope.  I have had plenty of discouragements and things to contend with over the years – but I have made the decision not to focus on the negative but remember all the encouragements that God has given me.  I have found this an amazing exercise.  Recently I have been going back over my life and thinking about people who have mentored me, encouraged me in some way small or big.  I have then been thanking God for these people and writing to these people to say thanks and sharing how their input into my life has helped me and been a real blessing.  I feel sometimes people have no idea how a small word, a gift, or a word of encouragement has impacted someone.  When you then hear (maybe) years later, it can be such a huge encouragement to keep going and to keep being an encourager.  I urge you to have a think about the people over your life who have encouraged you, or who have blessed you with kindness.  Focus on these things, and the areas that God has blessed you through others.  Maybe you might feel encouraged to let some of those people know how they have encouraged you!

I pray you have a great week!

God bless,