Game changers

So it’s official – all the recording, producing, mixing and mastering for ‘Voice of truth’ is finished and now I’m just waiting on the designer to complete the art work and then it’s off to be printed! I am so grateful for the way God has led and guided me through this process, and for all the talented musicians and producers that have contributed.  I look forward to see where God takes me with this, and am simply praying that he leads me forward every step, opening the right doors, and gives me the courage and confidence to walk through them.  It can be scary getting to this point, and can be easy to start doubting, but I know that when we follow God’s calling on our life, and step out into it, he truly blesses that.

Regular readers will know that something I love to do is encouraging other artists and song writers, and seeing them grow and have opportunities.  Last year a very talented singer/songwriter called Matt Rolfe opened for me at one of my launch events  and I am delighted to say that he has done some backing vocals on ‘Voice of truth’.  We had a fun evening when he came into the studio, with Matt and John working tirelessly until just before midnight.  He tackled every challenge and crazy harmony thrown his way with ease and enthusiasm.  ‘Voice of the Truth’ is definitely the richer for it.  Keep an eye out for this singer/songwriter in the future, he has a real God-given talent.

Something that I have been really grateful for is the way that John and Bill from Crown Lane Studios have been encouraging me out of my comfort zone, both in the way they helped shape the songs with their ideas and expertise, but also the way that I was encouraged to put so much of myself in the album.  I know singing and writing is my strength and so it can be easy to hide behind other people when it comes to other instruments.  It was scary for me to be playing some of the keys on the album especially for some of the live tracks, but I really enjoyed it and love being able to put the emotion and heart of the songs into the playing.  I also played some cello on the album.  I will admit the first cello recording session was a disaster! I hadn’t played for a long time, my cello was out of tune, I take time to sight read for cello and I was doubting that I could do a good job. It ended up in me getting so stressed, playing awfully and getting upset!  Thankfully I was encouraged to go away, practice and prepare and had a good second session.

As I mentioned in my last blog we went to spring Harvest a few weeks back.  This year’s theme was ‘Game Changers’.  What I really loved was how they looked at how each of us, no matter if we feel we have little or much to offer can be game changers.  It really touched on what I have been learning over the last few years, accepting who you are, what you can do, and using it for God’s glory.  How great is that, we don’t have to be anyone else, we don’t have to fulfil someone else’s life purposes – each of us has a unique purpose.  I loved hearing about different people who had seen a need in their community, seen a way to fill it and simply gone for it! We need to have a similar confidence and not be afraid to step out. So often I have heard people say “I’m not good enough”, but what we need to remember is that we are saved by God’s grace alone. He made us in His image so we need to stop focusing on our ‘flaws’, and try to appreciate the beauty, love, and joy that he has given us. We can then be released into what God has for us!

I pray that you have a great week, and truly know his love and blessing in your life.

God bless you,