Getting the right focus

I’ve been really encouraged this week with the response to launching my website.  Thank you so much to everyone who has checked it out, shared it with others and sent me messages of encouragement. Several people have asked when and where the album will be available – we are currently working hard recording and finalising arrangements. I will post a release date as soon as we have worked it out.  There will be a CD and a download version available.

So this morning, Ali and I went to Crown Lane Studios to prepare for next Saturdays keys recording.  I found it very interesting and baffling seeing how it all works – and being presented with the option of many different sounds of keyboard, pads etc for the songs.  I am not a technical person so I was very glad that Ali was the one who needed to understand it all! He had great fun playing with different ideas of how to build up the keys part – although I did have to put my foot down and point out that we didn’t need four different keys sounds on every song.

20150126_113016 I am loving the whole process of developing and building up the songs.  I normally write at the piano and this is a great sound for some of the more simple and reflective songs.  However during the recording it is great to see the more lively songs come to life with drums, bass, keys and other instruments. We had a great session with Dan and Ali a few weeks ago laying down the bass and drums.  I have found it really interesting watching the process, and I can’t wait until it’s my turn to lay down my vocals. 20150126_112132

I like that my calendar is starting to show lots of days that say ‘at the studio’.  Recording is something I have wanted to do for so long so it is something that I am finding really exciting.

Life has been hectic recently and whilst Ali was working on some arrangements I sat down and read a bit of my book “The Art of Mentoring” by Darlene Zschech and I was just reminded to slow down – to take a breath and make sure my gaze was firmly on God.  Sometimes even when doing things for him we can get so focused on fulfilling goals and targets that we start trying to do it in out own strength.  And that is when things can start to feel chaotic and bigger than us.  When we put our eyes back on God and surrender all to him that is when we start to feel his peace and guidance.  When we know He is in control, things that may feel impossible for us are possible for Him.

Sometimes people can tell us to make sure our dreams are achievable so that we don’t face disappointment if they don’t succeed.  But I feel God encourages us to dream big and then watch with amazement as he does more than we could ever hope for or imagine.

So I just encourage you no matter what situation you are in to make sure you gaze is firmly on God, to surrender all to him and to feel his peace engulf you.

God bless