God’s perfect timing

So last Friday I got to hear the songs for my new album develop further as John and Phil Merriman did brilliant jobs laying down the drums and bass tracks.  It is great to see the songs start to take shape. I must say I always feel lazy at these sessions as I am seeing other people work very hard on my album and I am just there to listen and to make musical decisions.  However, it won’t be too long before it’s my turn to pull some long days.

I don’t about you but waiting has not always been my strong point, consequently it’s no shock that God has been teaching me about and challenging me over the last couple of years.  Have you ever had that moment where you decided in your head that you are ready for something, and then when God seems to say “no” or “not yet”, you feel He is being unfair?  I am learning that if God says “not yet”, it’s because He still has things for me to learn before I can get to that point.  Sometimes I have questioned why God hasn’t opened doors that I believe He has told me He will open, and I felt Him whisper to my heart – because the time isn’t right.  I have to trust that when God promises something, He will fulfil it, but it will be in his time and in his way.

Learning how to wait on God’s timing has been a challenge for me.  Despite this, it has been one of the most incredible things that I have started to learn. When things happen in God’s timing they go far and beyond how it would have happened in our timing.  I look back at wanting to record and sing, but for years it didn’t seem to happen. Looking back, I can see that it wasn’t the right time and I wasn’t in the right place. Not only have I been able to write and share testimony about the really difficult and challenging times that I have been through, but God has been bringing the right people into my life at the right time and preparing me for what tasks He has for me to do.

Recently I looked at my diary and didn’t see much in there after April for my music. I started to panic and question God.  An easy reaction would have been to start doing some more work to generate bookings, but I really felt strongly that God said to me to wait and that He would bring the right events at the right time.  So I waited.

God has opened doors in such amazing ways and these have led to more doors being opened.  When I trust and leave things with God, He truly makes my paths straight.  God’s plans are so much better than my plans.  I realised that one of the reasons that there had been space between bookings was that God knew I had so much on with other commitments, concerts, worship events and recording an album, that having too much to think about at once would have overwhelmed me.  This experience has helped me understand that living a life walking by faith and trusting in God’s timing is scary!

It has helped me to start to live my life with an incredible joy, I am loving where I am, what I am doing and most importantly who I am in Him.  There has been an incredible freedom, when I have laid down my own agenda, my own timing and own plans and given Him control.

I really encourage you to wait on God for His timing, for He has plans to prosper and not harm you.

I pray that you have a blessed week,

Many blessings,