Grace of God

Grace of God

So today I want to start by saying thank you to Christ Church Baptist (Dorset) for having us last week and especially to Sandra Prudom for your amazing hospitality.  It’s great to visit different churches, share my music and testimony and get to meet lots of different congregations.  Thank you also to Sheena Dayman for doing an interview for Hope FM, it is a real privilege for me getting to share my story, my faith and my songs.

So it’s just fourteen days until ‘Voice of truth’ is released! I can’t believe that it’s nearly here. A quick reminder that the launch gig is on the 11th June. All are welcome!

It’s time to introduce another two songs from the album.  It’s been a subject in several of my blogs that sometimes life can get so busy and it can become overwhelming and a struggle when our focus is not God, and so we fix our eyes on the problems of life. The second song on the album is called ‘Breathing’.  This song was recorded live and it’s a simple song where I am saying that when I lay my burdens down and put my gaze on God I feel like I can breathe again, – that I can cope with the situations of life and carry on because I am no longer trying to do it by myself, but allowing Him to strengthen and guide me.

Sometimes in life we are faced with really difficult and painful situations and it can be really hard to know how to respond.  As a Christian I can find it really tough to know how best to go forward in these sort of situations.  I know it’s important to walk in grace and love, but that we also have to speak truth.  Sometimes by not a challenging a friend or a loved one we are not helping them.  Sometimes we have to have the tough conversations to help someone see something that they are unable to see on their own. This is something I am learning to do, although it is hard and takes a lot of courage.  When I was working through a whole mess of emotions in my head, a close friend reminded me to always start with grace and then speak truth.  As she is learning, if anyone says something to me that strikes a chord, it will end up as lyrics in a song! I was really inspired, and wrote this next song ‘Grace of God’. I pray it encourages you.  This is one of the livelier tracks on the album with a London Reggae feel.

I pray you have a good Bank Holiday weekend and know God’s strength, joy and love in your life.

God bless you,