One day til launch

So I am currently experiencing a mixture of excitement, nerves, and busyness and trying to remember everything I need to get done for the album launch!

Don’t forget the album launch is tomorrow (Saturday 11th June) at 7.30 pm. Admission by programme is £5 on the door. It would be great to have your support. Don’t forget you can pre-order my album on CD at my on-line shop (The digital release on Itunes, Google Play and Amazon Music will be available for pre-order on 18th June, release on 1st July)

On Wednesday night I had a great rehearsal with my band for Saturday.  This consists of my lovely husband, Ali Mills, on keys, and two very talented teenagers – Kaleb Fox on bass and Joel Phillips on drums.  I love encouraging young talent and so it’s a real pleasure for me to have these lads play in the band.

So with the release imminent I have three songs left that I need to share the stories behind.

‘Through the valley’ was a song I wrote after walking through a difficult time. Whereas some of the other tracks on the album look at my cry to God, asking for his strength through the storm, this song was God’s response to me, reminding me his child…that he was with me through valleys and the pain, giving me his gentle encouragement to keep going and holding on.

The title track ‘Voice of Truth’ sums up the heart of the album which is speaking and believing God’s truth.  It’s about realising that He is with us in all we do, if we only we would listen to hear his voice of love, affirmation, truth and joy. This is written from the point of view of God whispering these words of truth and love…’you are saved, you are redeemed, you are forgiven you are free, you are loved and you are precious in my eyes, you’re my child I’m your loving father, you give me peace like no other, so fix your eyes firmly on me’.

So the final track on the album is called ‘You are enough’.  This is a simple song that we recorded live.  I wrote this song one day after praying and feeling that God was simply saying that He was enough and that I just need to follow him, love him and trust him, and that he would provide for my every need.  How often do we get focused on the material needs, what we want and the busyness of life and forget that He is enough for us.

I pray that these songs and the album will encourage and bless you, and remind you of God’s truth and love.

God bless you!