One week to go!

So it’s just one week today until my second album ‘Voice of truth’ is released!  I am rather excited, so a few bits to remind you – you can pre-order here – you can hear 30 seconds tasters of each song.  The launch gig is Saturday 11th June at Morden Baptist Church. It starts at 7.30pm, admission by programme is £5.  My new album will also be available on the night for the discounted price of £10 (normally £12) for one night only.

It would be amazing if you are able to join me for the launch. The evening will consist of two halves including 9 of my own songs, and some well known popular songs that I will be performing with my band for the night: Ali Mills, Kaleb Fox and Joel Phillips.  There will be tea, coffee and biscuits all included there will also be a cake stall with cakes available for a donation with all the money going towards Kat Mills Ministries.

So in the run up to the release I have been sharing the stories behind the songs on the album. Sometimes I write because something has affected me personally and I am sharing  my journey, sometimes I write to tell a story or to share a point, and sometimes I write to encourage a friend or a loved one. This is true of the next two songs.  ‘Little Girl’ is a song I wrote for someone I consider as a younger sister. I met her when she was a little girl and was in my group at a holiday club I was a leader on.  We have stayed in touch over the years and I have watched her grow up I have seen the struggles she had to face, especially going through teenage years, school, peer pressure, exams, etc. This song reflects the heart of the album about wanting God’s truth spoken where we have just listened to the lies and believed we are not beautiful or worthy of love.  How often are we told it’s all about our exterior appearance to be valued in today’s society. This song proclaims God’s truth from Psalm 139, ‘you are fearfully and wonderfully made’. I’m reminding her and everyone who listens to this song that they are beautiful, precious, made with a purpose and a hope.

I wrote ‘I have a Hope’ after spending time with a friend who shared the difficult journey she was walking through. My heart broke for her, especially as I had walked a similar, painful path. What really struck me about this encounter was the difference in our reactions – my friend didn’t have a faith and was full of despair. My reaction was that even in my darkest nights having a faith in God meant I had a hope, even if it felt like just a glimmer.  This song was my compassionate response that this hope is available for anyone willing to accept it – a hope in Jesus Christ.

Something I have found over the years is that my writing style is constantly developing, and the penultimate song on the album is  testimony to this.  This is a pop track called ‘Without you’.  I remember feeling so stressed one day and this led me to feeling really down and frustrated. I soon realised that I had become fixated on my problems rather than on the God who is far bigger than any problem. It was only once I had put my eyes back on Him that I realised that with God, I had the strength to get through all that came my way, and was surrounded by his love and Grace.  It’s learning to lay down my burdens and leave them at His feet.

I pray that you would know God’s strength and leading in your life today, and that in all you do you would know you can be completely surrounded by His love and grace.

God bless you,