Only the brave! Home sweet home

I have previously mentioned how I have been so blessed by the way that God has gone before me in my travels and the trip home was no exception.  It was on my mind, but God provided people who helped me at every turn.

My hosts drove me to the airport and dropped me off, and I was nervous going in by myself to try and work out where to go. I never travel light and love getting gifts for people, so I did have a lot to carry back and had to quickly place some bits from my suitcase into my hand luggage to avoid a $91 dollar surcharge for 3 extra pounds of luggage! I could feel myself start to panic as I looked at the busy security queues so quickly had a chat with the lady checking in my bag and she sent someone to help me through. This person went above and beyond – showing me to my gate, and then taking me to the food court so I could buy my dinner, then taking me back to my seat, and making sure I was all settled before heading off.  I was so incredibly grateful as I had no idea where anything was. It don’t like going through security checks because I never know what to take out of bags so it was great having someone tell me exactly what to do.

I then sat and read and ate some dinner quietly before being able to board early whilst the plane was still quiet. Unfortunately we ended up being boarded on the plane and sitting on the tarmac for almost two hours as a passenger had forgotten to mention a serious allergy to nuts and eventually had to be taken off the plane to avoid a possible allergic reaction.

This sort of situation would have previously sent me into such a stress and panic, with a feeling of inertia and claustrophobia but I felt such a sense of God’s peace. We eventually set off and once again I was blessed to have a friendly person next to me, although there was a very funny moment. I went to go to the toilet and had to wait a very long time and by the time I came back she was fast asleep. No matter how much I nudged her or asked politely if she would let me back in she didn’t hear me. This provided much amusement to the person behind me – hysterics ensued as I pondered climbing over her. Eventually I managed to nudge her awake and she sat up straight and she apologised, which led me to apologise and so on!

I don’t sleep well on planes, but other than that the flight was fine although pretty bumpy. As soon as I got off the plane I had someone to help me through, which was great as by this point I was very tired and emotional. I got through to arrivals and saw Ali straight away. It was so lovely to be back with my wonderful hubby who was so lovely in releasing me to go on this trip, edited my blog each night and took brilliant care of Dom.

It was a very sweet moment when I rang the doorbell and Dom came flying into my arms and wouldn’t leave them for a good ten minutes. I missed my boys!

It has been such an amazing trip and I have learnt so much and grown so much. When God asks you to step out in faith, He goes before an prepares the way. He doesn’t ask you to jump out of your comfort zone without planning to catch you.  I learnt that I can still be safe and secure even if I am miles away from home, in a different country and on my own because I have a God that is bigger than it all, who is so faithful and holds me safely in his arms.  It was a really beautiful and releasing trip and I look forward to more adventures.

I am planning to hide for a little while, take stock, recover and recharge.  I don’t know whether I am coming or going at the moment and know I just need time to be, and spend time with my family.

Thank you for walking this journey with me, thanks for those of you who have been writing encouraging comments, and sharing how my blog has encouraged or inspired you.  I want to encourage you to remember that through Christ we can do all things, even things that we felt were impossible. I want to encourage you that He is so loving and merciful and knows our every needs and will go before us.  I can honestly say from my massive leap of faith that God has gone above and beyond what I imagined and I have been so incredibly blessed.  I know going out of your comfort zone can be challenging, but it is truly worth it.

I pray my blog over the last ten days has encouraged you, and I pray that you would knows God’s grace, peace and love in all you do.

With many blessings and love from England in my final “Only the brave!” blog.

Kat xxx