The Power of words

Hi! If you haven’t had a chance yet, then I invite you to check out a taster of the album on Youtube.  This is the song that I wrote about in my last blog – ‘Just as you are’.  I dedicate this song to anyone who has or is struggling with long-term illness. I pray it encourages you and blesses you.

So as I continue to share with you the song lyrics and the stories behind them I was drawn to thinking about words, and the power that can be held in words.  If we were to count how many words we spoke every day I am sure it would be a very high number. If I were to ask again how many words we spoke that were carefully planned or thought about , well I have a feeling it may be somewhat lower.

Something that has been on mind recently is how easy it is to speak without considering the consequences.  It is easy in situations to rush in with harsh judgement, criticism and sarcasm before we have thought about how the words might affect someone.  As it can be hard to be on the receiving end of negative comments and criticisms it has challenged me to be more positive and encouraging with my words.  I wish there was a rule in life that someone could only say something negative or critical once they had found three positive, genuine and encouraging things to say first. I know it may be cheesy, but if we had that enforcement don’t you think it would change the way we approach something?

It might allow us to be people who seek to see a positive change and development and not people who just seek to complain and find the worst in things.  Think for a second of the demeanour of someone when you say something negative to them – the shoulders falling, the cheerful expression dropped.  Then think about when you encourage someone – they stand up a little taller and look a bit more confident.  I encourage and challenge you (and myself) to just take a moment longer before you speak, and ask yourself what the motivation behind your words are. If I were on the receiving end of these words how would I react? I am reminded of what Paul says in Ephesians 4:29 ‘Let everything you say be good and helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to those who hear them’.  That is something  I long to follow.

I want to introduce the song I wrote called ‘Restore my soul’ (check out the lyrics page).  This song is a very simple, honest prayer to God asking for restoration, healing and wholeness.  The chorus of the song is a request for more of God and less of ourselves.  What I mean by that is the desire for more of God’s goodness, love, peace and joy and less of my own selfishness, greed, anger, worry, fill in the blanks.

It’s a simple, heartfelt, desire to know more of God and his transforming power in my life.  I wrote this song for a Church service that I was leading on Gods restoration and couldn’t find a song that said quite what I wanted to portray so sat down at the piano and wrote this.

The second song I want to mention is ‘Your glory’.  I was inspired to write this song several years ago as I was on an early morning train and I saw the sun come up and light up the Thames and London skyline.  It reminded me of God’s great glory.  It also reminded me of the verses in Lamentations 3:22-23 where it talks about Gods mercies being new every morning.  Sometimes we are in darkness, but then like the sun in the morning, God brings light into our lives and situations.  The chorus focuses on making the choice to praise God in both the morning when everything is good but also the darkest night when are in the midst of suffering.  It is one thing writing words like that but in 2012 in one of the darkest times of my life I was singing those words with all of my heart.  The night after we found out we had lost our first baby 12 weeks into pregnancy I was broken, I was in physical pain and with had a shattered heart.  Yet no matter the pain I was in, I still knew God was sovereign and was still worthy of praise.  I felt his presence as I got down on my knees and sang His praises. In this time His quiet strength He carried me through the darkness and pain into his joy, peace and healing.  This song is an encouragement that no matter what we walk through, we need to praise the God of all creation and feel his arms of love and peace surround.

God bless,