‘Tis the season

Christmas is just a few days away and last-minute preparations are underway. Christmas music is playing in every shop you step in and Christmas films dominate television.

In one of the films I was watching a family end up having a huge amount of unfortunate things happen to them on a crazy Christmas evening. There are numerous trips to the hospital, broken bones, towed cars, getting stranded in a snow storm, being held up at gun point and being trapped in a burning building. Of course, everything is alright in the end. One of the characters is lying in a hospital bed recovering from smoke inhalation when suddenly “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” starts playing on the radio and she goes crazy but manages to laugh once she has let out all her frustration.

The reality is Christmas is not always the most wonderful time of the year.  This resonated for me this week when I was singing Christmas songs at a local event. Something kept jarring and left me feeling uncomfortable. There are so many flippant phrases in these songs: “soon all your troubles will be out of sight”, “mistletoe and turkey make the season bright”, and “it’s the most wonderful time of year”.  The more I sang these songs, the more and more it felt like giving false hope and continuing the illusion that something magical happens at Christmas and all your troubles just take a hike and everything will be fine.

In so many Christmas films, Santa grants a magical wish and suddenly things work out, but that isn’t real life.  In reality some people are struggling, lonely, sick, or afraid at Christmas.  Their circumstances don’t change just because we have put the trees and lights up. For some it actually makes things worse with financial strains adding to their list of concerns.

One of my favourite melodies is ‘Have yourself a merry little Christmas’ but singing these words to dear people, some of whom I know are going through so much, left me empty and feeling rather heartless.  So I decided to write some alternative lyrics – lyrics that talk about real hope and the truth of Christmas.  I believe the reason for the season is celebrating that God sent his one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to this earth. He came as a little baby, was born in a stable and laid in a feeding trough.  He grew up to live, die and rise again to save us and forgive us for our sins, and restore our relationship with God. He came to give us peace, hope, strength and joy.  He is our provider, restorer, king and friend.  This is the true hope and message of Christmas, and one that lasts past Christmas Day.  So I want to leave you with these lyrics which I pray will bless and encourage you.

If you are struggling, alone, or afraid, I pray that you would know God’s amazing blessing, provision, love, and peace in your hearts.

Many blessings,


Have yourself a blessed little Christmas,
May you know God’s peace,
In his strength and love you’ll find your strivings cease,

Have yourself a blessed little Christmas,
May you know Gods joy,
He brought love and freedom through this baby boy

Let us join as the angels sing,
Praises to the king of love,
The son of God, who has to come us,
To restore our broken hearts,

As we walk through mountains and the valleys,
Through his love sustained
In his gracious love he’ll take our fears away,
So have yourself a blessed little Christmas now,
Yes have yourself a blessed little Christmas now,

lyrics (c) 2017 Kat Mills