‘Voice of truth’  – Live recording

So the last few weeks have been so busy that it has taken me a while to get around to writing this blog.  I am very much looking forward to a few quieter days as I need to switch off and unwind a bit.

I’ve nearly finished recording for the album – just a few small parts to go before it gets edited, mixed and mastered. I will be announcing the release date soon. In my next few blogs I will be talking about what’s been going on and how it’s all progressing.

On Friday 11th March I became the first artist to do a live recording at Crown Lane studio!  The idea behind this was to record the 5 acoustic tracks for the album in front of an audience in the studio. I write at the piano and producer John really wanted to keep the intimacy and simplicity of these tracks so I was let loose on the keys.  We felt doing simple acoustic versions would work well and weave together nicely with the more built up and produced tracks. I love singing to an audience and sharing the stories behind the songs so this was a great experience for me.   I had been struggling all week with a stinking cold and bad throat and was so grateful for God’s provision giving me a full voice and strength to sing on the night.

John and Bill did a wonderful job setting up the studio beautifully for an audience to be able to see firsthand how the recording worked, and see it all in progress. There were several sets of headphones so that the audience could hear what was going on in my headphones, and hear it all coming together in the mix. They also took it in turn to go and sit in the control room and see the mixing desk, whilst watching through the glass. (Image)

My friend Becky did a wonderful job on backing vocals for two of the songs.  Whilst I was in the studio with Bill (on guitar) with the audience, she was behind us in the control room recording her bvs at the same time.  It helps me perform well when surrounded by such talented musicians.  I have found that as I have spent more time in the studio I have grown in confidence. It was very special for family and friends to be a part of this process, and really helped me connect with the songs.   There was a lot of laughter for anytime I made a mistake these were punctuated by comical facial expressions or me blowing raspberries! Three of the live tracks worked beautifully just as they were, but with the other two songs we decided a little bit of extra guitar and bvs etc to build it up enough to fit on the album between the other songs.

The whole evening was such an enjoyable experience, and I am truly grateful to John and Bill for the hard work, and for all the running around, setting up and provision of food and refreshments that my lovely hubby Ali did!  We even had a sneaky curry, although I had to wait till I had finished all my songs which was especially hard as I had to watch everyone else tucking in!

I also decided to redo my vocals on “Little Girl”.  I found when I was recording this song the complications of playing piano, being in time with the guitar, and listening to a click track made it harder to have the right focus for singing.  When listening back I decided I needed a cleaner vocal to keep the simplicity of the song. I have so enjoyed seeing how things have grown, and have grown in my own confidence of knowing what I like, and when something works or doesn’t.

Have a brilliant week!

God bless,