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New Album Cover

Hey guys I am super excited to share with you today the cover for my brand new album ‘Work in Progress’. Thank you so much to Christopher Hall for your amazing photography and Beatroot Media for your brilliant graphic design.

I wanted a cover that summed up the whole theme of the album, that I am a work in progress. Sure, like anyone else, I always like a photo to show me at my best, but for this project I purposefully wanted an unfinished image, to show the imperfections and that work is still needed! Because that sums up the album, a vulnerable and honest journey, through the challenges, but also seeing the transformation. I wanted butterflies on the cover because to me they symbolise a journey that is taken, work that has to happen, but the beautiful outcome that makes the journey so worth it!


January 2019 News

Hey guys,

Just a quick blog to wish you a blessed 2019 and to remind you of some exciting things coming up soon! My brand new album ‘Work In Progress’ is coming out this spring!

Watch this space to find out the launch date, how to get tickets to the launch gig, how and when you can pre-order the album and also find out about two singles coming out very soon!

I will be posting something new each Monday from now on about my new album. Next week I’ll be revealing my new album cover, so stay tuned!

God bless,


Stage 1 Complete!

So after three days of hard work in the recording studio I am delighted to say that stage one of the album is complete! The goal was to nail down the drums and bass parts and that is done!

Since my last album I have been working hard on my song-writing and developing my lyrics – in the past I have written in so many different styles it is only recently that I have discovered my own unique singer-songwriter style. I am inspired by artists such as Sarah Bareilles, Colbie Calliat and Nichole Nordeman and people mention I have a twang of Lilly Allen, Kate Nash and Lucy Spraggan when I sing.

It was good to get into the studio having a clear idea of the outcome. I had a lot of fun jamming through the songs with Paul Evans on drums, Mark Prentice on bass and Paul Burton in the studio. It was great playing around with different ideas and suggestions. I was asked if I minded hearing different ideas for various parts of the songs. Several years ago, I would have not have coped with others making suggestions for song developments, but thankfully I am now much more secure in my writing and music that I am always up for developing, growing and getting the very best out of my music.

There is something especially unique about hearing songs that you have crafted and lived with for so long come to life in front of you. It was physically exhausting singing each song six or seven times on the trot as we recorded – I can’t sing them half-heartedly. I felt the impact of my efforts by last day and know that I need some retreat and recovery time. I find it’s always important to build recovery time when you giving so much out.

The project is now at that phase where I start to get very impatient! I have witnessed the start of the process, can see where it’s going and now I just want the shiny packaged version immediately! Maybe I should start writing a track about patience.

As the songs have developed, I am excited about the message I am sharing.  Something I have heard many times since understanding about my own and my son’s autism is the fear that some people have of labels and what they might mean. I have had so many caring and loving people concerned that I might be defined by a negative label.

I can’t emphasise enough how this isn’t the case for me at all. Learning about the different challenges has simply been the beginning of understanding. It’s like sorting through the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that are all in a jumble.  When you start sorting the pieces you get to the point where you start being able to create the picture, and slowly and surely it starts taking shape and making sense.

I think also we have a choice of what defines us – it’s not about labels or conditions for me. I find my identity in God, as a woman who is loved and cherished. I have learnt to embrace this and live out what I feel I am made to be and who I choose to be. I am an encourager, a smiler and a joy bringer. I am someone who loves to give gifts and to dance around with joy.

My reality is living in a world that sometimes can feel so overwhelming and hard to navigate. Learning how and why I work in a particular way helps me to get stronger so that I’m no longer held back or limited.

My hope is that this album will reinforce the joy in embracing who we are and how we are made and being people who overcome the challenges we may face.

I look forward to sharing more about this in the coming weeks,


One week to go!

So it’s just one week today until my second album ‘Voice of truth’ is released!  I am rather excited, so a few bits to remind you – you can pre-order here – you can hear 30 seconds tasters of each song.  The launch gig is Saturday 11th June at Morden Baptist Church. It starts at 7.30pm, admission by programme is £5.  My new album will also be available on the night for the discounted price of £10 (normally £12) for one night only.

It would be amazing if you are able to join me for the launch. The evening will consist of two halves including 9 of my own songs, and some well known popular songs that I will be performing with my band for the night: Ali Mills, Kaleb Fox and Joel Phillips.  There will be tea, coffee and biscuits all included there will also be a cake stall with cakes available for a donation with all the money going towards Kat Mills Ministries.

So in the run up to the release I have been sharing the stories behind the songs on the album. Sometimes I write because something has affected me personally and I am sharing  my journey, sometimes I write to tell a story or to share a point, and sometimes I write to encourage a friend or a loved one. This is true of the next two songs.  ‘Little Girl’ is a song I wrote for someone I consider as a younger sister. I met her when she was a little girl and was in my group at a holiday club I was a leader on.  We have stayed in touch over the years and I have watched her grow up I have seen the struggles she had to face, especially going through teenage years, school, peer pressure, exams, etc. This song reflects the heart of the album about wanting God’s truth spoken where we have just listened to the lies and believed we are not beautiful or worthy of love.  How often are we told it’s all about our exterior appearance to be valued in today’s society. This song proclaims God’s truth from Psalm 139, ‘you are fearfully and wonderfully made’. I’m reminding her and everyone who listens to this song that they are beautiful, precious, made with a purpose and a hope.

I wrote ‘I have a Hope’ after spending time with a friend who shared the difficult journey she was walking through. My heart broke for her, especially as I had walked a similar, painful path. What really struck me about this encounter was the difference in our reactions – my friend didn’t have a faith and was full of despair. My reaction was that even in my darkest nights having a faith in God meant I had a hope, even if it felt like just a glimmer.  This song was my compassionate response that this hope is available for anyone willing to accept it – a hope in Jesus Christ.

Something I have found over the years is that my writing style is constantly developing, and the penultimate song on the album is  testimony to this.  This is a pop track called ‘Without you’.  I remember feeling so stressed one day and this led me to feeling really down and frustrated. I soon realised that I had become fixated on my problems rather than on the God who is far bigger than any problem. It was only once I had put my eyes back on Him that I realised that with God, I had the strength to get through all that came my way, and was surrounded by his love and Grace.  It’s learning to lay down my burdens and leave them at His feet.

I pray that you would know God’s strength and leading in your life today, and that in all you do you would know you can be completely surrounded by His love and grace.

God bless you,

Grace of God

Grace of God

So today I want to start by saying thank you to Christ Church Baptist (Dorset) for having us last week and especially to Sandra Prudom for your amazing hospitality.  It’s great to visit different churches, share my music and testimony and get to meet lots of different congregations.  Thank you also to Sheena Dayman for doing an interview for Hope FM, it is a real privilege for me getting to share my story, my faith and my songs.

So it’s just fourteen days until ‘Voice of truth’ is released! I can’t believe that it’s nearly here. A quick reminder that the launch gig is on the 11th June. All are welcome!

It’s time to introduce another two songs from the album.  It’s been a subject in several of my blogs that sometimes life can get so busy and it can become overwhelming and a struggle when our focus is not God, and so we fix our eyes on the problems of life. The second song on the album is called ‘Breathing’.  This song was recorded live and it’s a simple song where I am saying that when I lay my burdens down and put my gaze on God I feel like I can breathe again, – that I can cope with the situations of life and carry on because I am no longer trying to do it by myself, but allowing Him to strengthen and guide me.

Sometimes in life we are faced with really difficult and painful situations and it can be really hard to know how to respond.  As a Christian I can find it really tough to know how best to go forward in these sort of situations.  I know it’s important to walk in grace and love, but that we also have to speak truth.  Sometimes by not a challenging a friend or a loved one we are not helping them.  Sometimes we have to have the tough conversations to help someone see something that they are unable to see on their own. This is something I am learning to do, although it is hard and takes a lot of courage.  When I was working through a whole mess of emotions in my head, a close friend reminded me to always start with grace and then speak truth.  As she is learning, if anyone says something to me that strikes a chord, it will end up as lyrics in a song! I was really inspired, and wrote this next song ‘Grace of God’. I pray it encourages you.  This is one of the livelier tracks on the album with a London Reggae feel.

I pray you have a good Bank Holiday weekend and know God’s strength, joy and love in your life.

God bless you,


In Your arms

So I want to start introducing the songs on the album ‘Voice of Truth’, every song I write has a story behind it and I want to share these with you.  Today I am focusing on one song called ‘In Your Arms‘.

I have been trying to work up the courage to write this blog for a while, as this song is incredibly personal.  So please do bear with me as this is a longer one.

In 2012, after about five years of having lived with M.E., my husband and I decided we wanted to try for a baby.  We had been praying that God would heal me but we were longing to start a family.  We were delighted and excited to find out after a little while that I was pregnant.  Although I struggled with bad morning sickness and tiredness, we were looking forward to the future and thanked God for this life I was carrying.  At around eleven weeks into the pregnancy things started going wrong.  I started having some symptoms that suggested that something wasn’t right.  We went to the hospital to have an emergency scan and the sonographer took her time without saying much, and then left the room to get the consultant, who then did another scan.

My heart was in my mouth by this point and I was physically shaking, desperate for them to say everything was okay, that the baby was healthy and it was nothing to worry about.  And then the consultant spoke the words that confirmed our worst fears.  There was no longer a heartbeat, and tour baby had died.  With every fibre of my being I wished I had heard wrong.  That this was some horrific dream, but no this was real and we felt like the ground had fallen away beneath us.  That same day we were due to be going away with the extended family (over 30 of us).  Although we did not feel up to family festivities, we knew that at this time we needed to be embraced and loved by our family. We’re so grateful for all the love, support and tears that we shed together.  They allowed us to just grieve and helped us in any way they could – this was a real Godsend.

I remember the next few days I was on my knees, heartbroken, sobbing, crying out to God, “Why us?”. Why had this happened? I was crying in desperation, being honest with God.  I felt like a failure, that there must be something wrong with me because I hadn’t been able to carry our baby to full term.  But even in this dark hour, in my brokenness and agony I still knew that God was there, that he loved me, and that he would bring hope.  I remember clinging to that with my fingertips, and trusting that He was still good – that’s all I had strength for right then.  I prayed that he would somehow bring us through this time.  Over the next few days the pains got worse and worse until I was admitted into the hospital overnight to have a procedure the next day.  Ali was encouraged to go home to get some rest.  I remember lying in the hospital bed unable to sleep, paralysed with a numbness of emotion and struggling to understand it all.

One amazing thing through this horrific time was that God completely healed me of ME (Chronic Fatigue) and a wheat/gluten intolerance.  This meant that I was well enough to start working, so I started supply teaching.  But I was really struggling how to go forward, and was finding it really lonely and tough going to new schools.  My sister gave us some great advice, which was to have something to positive for us to look forward to, something that would be harder to do when we had a family.  We had been looking forward to and praying for all the things we could do with our baby and this had been ripped away, leaving emptiness and a raw pain.  So we decided to plan a big holiday to the States, as I had always wanted to go.

Each day when I was struggling to go into school and struggling not to sink into a depression it really helped knowing that that day I was earning money for a helicopter ride over the Grand canyon, or a visit to Disneyland.  As we went away I felt God slowly starting to restore my brokenness, and I remember walking part way down into the Grand Canyon, being surrounded by God’s beauty and felt God had brought me into a better place, a place of healing, and that I was ready to think about trying again.

Today we rejoice that we have our happy and healthy almost three year old son. I can honestly say that I am so grateful, for even though we walked such a dark and painful time we truly knew God was with us.  We have been told we will have troubles in this life, but in Jesus we have a hope and a salvation, and that definitely helped us through.  God has helped us move forward, but it doesn’t mean we forget.  We know one day that we will meet our baby in Heaven.

I believe we have to be honest and open with God, to share when our hearts are broken.  This song I wrote after several years of flashbacks and nightmares to the time when I was lying in hospital waiting.  Writing this song gave voice to my brokenness, it spoke what I would have said had I found the words that night.  I simply asked that God would hold me in his arms, take the fear away and help me through. I encourage you no matter what you go through to be honest and open with God, to know that he will be with you through every high and low. Just look at the Psalms in the Bible.

Today marks four years to the day that we found out our precious baby had died.  This has been an incredibly hard date for us, especially as that date already held a sadness and previous loss in our family.  A wise friend suggested that I did something positive on this date, so that it didn’t hold a fear over me.  So today I’m sharing a track ‘In your arms’ from my forthcoming album ‘Voice of truth’.

And I pray that it would encourage you.

Many blessings,