Voice of Truth CD

Voice of Truth CD
£12 including P&P
(Released 11th June 2016)

Track Samples

Track 1: Be Still

Track 2: Breathing

Track 3: Grace of God

Track 4: I have a hope

Track 5: Voice of Truth

Track 6: Little Girl

Track 7: In Your Arms

Track 8: Til the Morning Comes

Track 9: Through the valley

Track 10: Without You

Track 11: You Are Enough

Out of the Ashes CD

Out of the Ashes CD
Out of the Ashes CD
£10 including P&P
(Released 15th May 2015)

Track Samples

Track 1: Out of the Ashes

Track 2: Your Glory

Track 3: Rock and Salvation

Track 4: Restore My Soul

Track 5: My Grace Covers You

Track 6: Just As You Are

Track 7: Choose to Worship

Track 8: Journey On