And relax….

Well, I spent so much time preparing for the album launch that I can’t believe it has now been over three weeks since and I am just now getting round to writing my blog. I had a wonderful evening, and was so blessed by the incredible turnout and response to the evening.  My album is now available! If you would like to buy a CD then please visit my shop, or if you would like to buy it online then it is now available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Music.

I would like to give a massive shout out to Morden Baptist Church for letting me host my event at their church – it was a massive blessing!  It has been great getting to know Morden Baptist through my links with Inspire (Community choir).  I couldn’t have done the evening without the incredible help of Catherine, David and John Merriman, the wonderful choir, Inspire for all the roles they filled throughout the evening and also for my amazing band, Ali Mills, Kaleb Fox and Joel Phillips. Also a big thanks to Esther McLenaghan for taking some fabulous shots… check out the photos from the launch

It was both exciting and terrifying finally sharing the music that I have had ready to go for several months.  I have been so encouraged and blessed with the response to the music. I don’t write songs to try to sell CDs, I write a song because I am going through something and need to work through it, or because I have been moved by something or someone, or because I want to encourage someone. My music and songs are real, vulnerable and put my heart and faith right out there.  I have learnt over the last year or two not to be timid about my faith and sharing my heart and I hope this CD shows this.

Over the last year with my debut album and now with Voice of Truth, people would ask me if I felt it was successful, i.e. have I sold a lot of copies.  And the answer is both yes and no. For me it has been a decent number, but I know that as far as the industry would be concerned it would be peanuts. If its success was defined by its profitability, then it would be considered unsuccessful.

I define success in a completely different way.  When someone messages me to say that my CD, or a particular song I wrote has given them a fresh hope, or has reminded them that they are precious, that they feel uplifted and encouraged and feel Gods love – this is success as I know that I have been faithful to God’s calling in my life. Don’t get me wrong I would love my music to get more widely heard because I believe people need to hear God’s truth, and love spoken in their lives and hearts.   It is an incredible privilege being able to go to different places, sharing my music, testimony and faith and to have the privilege of encouraging and inspiring people, and reminding them that they are not alone.

Some people say success is dependent on what I do, what I say, how often I tweet or post on facebook and who I know. Let’s be honest – I am pretty awful at all of that. I believe that if God wants me to be successful in a worldly way then I believe that He will open the doors.  I am learning to trust and believe no matter what.  In life we can face uncertainty, but I believe in a God who is constant, loving, faithful and true, so I am learning to walk by faith and not by sight.  I have no idea what the next move is… but I will step out in faith believing that God will provide the next stepping stone.

I pray that God will lead you and bless you in all you do.

God bless,