In the quiet place

So the album is nearly complete and ‘Voice of truth’ will be released on June 11th.  There will be an album launch gig at Morden Baptist Church on at 7.30pm – tickets £5.  Details of how to get tickets and how to pre-order the album will be coming asap!

It has been a journey to get to this point and I will be sharing a bit more about this and the songs over my next few blogs. God has put something clearly on my heart in the last few weeks and I wanted to share this, and pray it encourages you.

I don’t know about you but sometimes even when things are going well, life is so busy and manic that it is hard to come up for air. Things can get so overwhelming that even when you are serving God, trying to follow His calling and walk in His love, you can take your eyes off Him and start focusing on what ‘needs’ to be done.

I will admit this is what I had been doing recently, I was so desperate to follow God’s calling but I started focusing on the ‘stuff’. I started to feel stressed about all the bits that hadn’t yet been completed, and felt like it was far too big for me.  I went to Spring Harvest last week feeling drained, worn out and burdened.  I had lost that sense of joy and peace.

Usually I would be going straight to the big celebration at Spring Harvest, where it is really lively and there is lots going on.  But I was feeling so weary that I felt I needed something quieter, something with space.  So I went to the alternative celebration led by Bob Hartman and Geraldine Luce (nee Latty), and it was like balm to my soul.  I found there was space just to worship, listen, and to seek God’s face again.  My heart was desperate for quiet and for that peace and joy.  As I started to go to the sessions and as I started to focus my eyes back on God, I could hear him whisper to my soul to rest in his presence.  On one of the days after being prayed for, I just lay on the floor resting in his presence.  This was so refreshing and releasing for me.  I am someone who finds it incredibly hard to stop and to not be doing anything, but as I stopped, as I lay there, listened, and just rested in his presence I felt a new sense of joy, and new sense of strength like nothing before.

All through Spring Harvest I felt God was reminding me the importance of seeking Him in the quiet place, of putting aside time just to seek His face, listen to His voice and to let Him strengthen me.  I realised that the feeling of being burdened was because I was trying to do what God had called me to do, but in my own strength and timing.  It was only when I released it to Him again and focused on Him that this burden fell away.   So I have started again, setting time aside to read my Bible, listen to God and just soak in his presence, this is definitely a self-discipline, but even after doing this again for a few days I am feeling a new strength and joy.

I remembered that God said not to worry about the future but to take day at a time (Matthew 6vs34). Why? Because He provides daily what we need.  I have started to pray the Lord’s prayer each day again, with a new sense of understanding, with a realisation of what the words mean.   Sometimes we have ended up doing things so often out of habit that we can lose the meaning, but now I understand it again, and have found great strength in this prayer.

I have a feeling I am not the only one who struggles with this.  So I encourage you to remember the importance of taking time just to seek God, be refreshed by His Spirit, and His presence, and that you may experience a deep sense of peace and joy.

Many blessings,