The Bigger Picture

Something I have found in my walk with God is how His plans and ideas for me always turn out to be so immeasurably more than I could ever have imagined. We often kick back against God and His plans, thinking that we know best, but when we submit to Him and follow Him it is amazing. This is something that I have been learning over the last few years.  It is a constant challenge as I love predictability but God has shaken this up in my life, usually by showing me just the next step at any one time.  I have started to see how amazing it is to walk in His leading, listening to His guidance and seeking His wisdom.  I want to share a few areas in my life that I have seen this in recently.

For a long time I had a desire to sing and to share my story and faith but I had no idea how to go about it.  I had always been told to try for things like X-factor, and Britain’s Got Talent, but it didn’t feel right to go for these.  I auditioned for a few small gigs and other opportunities but nothing ever quite fit.  Through the journey God has been leading me on things have started to fall into place when I have stopped trying to do it in my own strength.  God has led me through this whole journey.   Through recording my albums, I now have opportunities to go to churches and share my testimony.  Through this I have developed some brilliant relationships with different churches and worship teams.  This has led to opportunities to mentor, encourage, equip and enable worship teams.  If I had tried to figure out the journey myself I would have totally missed where God needed me to be. Sometimes we have to lay down what we think we want and need and ask and trust that God knows better.

One amazing opportunity I had this summer was to run a song-writing and worship workshop for the 15’s-18’s group at Polzeath Family Mission.  This was particularly special for me because I had gone to the Mission as a child and then been a team member for four years.  Now I love song writing and could spend ages running workshops, but I only had a short time. As I prepared, I prayed that God would lead me and that He would bless the evening, the young people and staff team.  I had not foreseen just how much God was going to bless the session.  I had planned some different song writing activities and really wanted to help the youth write some part of a song before the end of the session.  But time was tight.  We worked on an activity called ‘fix the song’- I had purposefully written a bad song with many errors, poor lyrics, no clear cut melody, no structure, the list goes on. The idea was to look at a well crafted song and compare with the poor song, look at what was wrong and start to rewrite some of it.  With about 10 minutes left to go the groups shared their lyrics.  One lyric that was contributed really stood out, and I felt inspired to put a melody to it.  We then learnt it as a group and transcribed the music.  They were really excited and were talking about singing it at the Mission worship service the following Sunday.  As time was over there wasn’t a chance for me to help further and a day later we went back home from holiday.

It was afterwards that I heard just how much God used that session.  One of the teenagers went away inspired to write the rest of the lyrics displaying a beautiful God-given gift for writing. The team then helped arrange the rest of the song, and the group put harmonies to it.  They then sang the worship song at the church which really blessed and encouraged many – Did I tell you that I love you.

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It was so amazing to see how God had inspired people, showed people their God gifting and helped develop them.  It was humbling to see how God’s plan was far better than mine, I was simply part of the puzzle. I am learning to be obedient and then step back and see God working incredibly.

Another area that I have seen God move in so incredibly is to do with worship mentoring.  I love mentoring and encouraging people but have been desperate to have someone feeding into, and encouraging me in this area so that I could continue growing and developing as I was helping others.  I had been praying and seeking God for several years in this area asking him to bring the right person at the right time.  Every time it seemed like something was about to happen that door closed and it led to questions. Every time I sought God I just felt Him say that his timing was perfect and his leading was wise.  So I kept waiting.  Last year at the Mission Worship conference, I went to some sessions led by the 10,000 Fathers Worship School and was really inspired and encouraged, but it didn’t feel the right time to apply as it was based in America and I am a stay-at-home mum.  So a month ago when I heard that they were starting a Worship School in England and that the hours fitted well, I felt led to apply.  I was so delighted and blessed to find out this week that I had been accepted into the school. This again showed me how much more God had planned for me than I had known. I am going to be mentored by several Godly, humble and gifted worship leaders, journeying with other worship leaders and developing in my own character, faith, gifts and callings and I look forward to see what God has in store over the next eighteen months as I step out into this next adventure.

I want to encourage you and remind you that when we seek God’s will for our lives it is more amazing that we could have ever imagined. His bigger picture is so much better than our blinkered view. I pray that God would bless you so much and that you would always know His amazing love in your life.

God bless,